William Glasser Memorial Foundation
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Corporate Profile


This Foundation follows in Dr. William Glasser’s will.
Our mission is, aiming for resolving various problems relating to unhappy human relationships through the action of research and permeation of Choice Theory that Dr. Glasser has advocated, to mentally and physically support individuals under deprived environment in order to realize a society in which everyone can take responsibility to live their own life to the fullest.


1. Subsidization activity
  • -To subsidize and encourage children and students with financial difficulties or family matters to get education opportunities
  • -Subsidization and education support for single-female family
  • -Support for domestic violence victims
  • -Support for those who are in relief and rehabilitation facilities for their social reintegration
  • -Mental and physical support for those who socially handicapped
2. Research activity
  • -Research in Choice Theory
3. Other activities
  • -Support for individuals and organizations who agree to permeation of Choice Theory
  • -Necessary activities for realization of our mission


(Sep 2015)

Established June 2014
Directors Administrative Director Satoshi Aoki
Executive Director Hiroko Aoki
Chairperson, Director Masaki Kakitani
Special Advisor Carleen H. Glasser