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About This Foundation

William Glasser Memorial Foundation has been established to contribute to happiness and success of people through Choice Theory. Founders, Mr. and Mrs.Aoki, have been devoting themselves into expanding Choice Theory for long time since they met Dr. Glasser. This foundation, which has been settled by their personal assets, is going to contribute to realization of a better world.

What’s Choice Theory?

Choice Theory is proposed by an American psychiatrist William Glasser, in which he states, “The only person whose behavior we can control is our own.” That means no one can make others do anything they don’t want to.

Most of the feelings of being misery or unhappy would occur from unsatisfactory relationships with significant others.The reason why relationships don’t go well is in their behaviors with the intention of controlling others. In many cases, a behavior to satisfy needs of a person who takes the action would disturb others’ needs and that is why distance between those two gets away from each other.

If you would learn Choice Theory, you can understand and accept differences among your needs and others’, and furthermore, you will be able to satisfy yourself without offending others’ feelings.

Choice Theory is a way to establish better human relationships.
We hope to decrease unhappiness and various problems relating to that feeling by expanding Choice Theory in this world.

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